Hoffman Reproductions
Specializing in Historically Correct 18th and 19th Century Cutlery
" Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and brings out a weapon for its work..."     Isaiah 54:16
Hoffman Reproductions
Specializing in Historically Correct 18th and 19th Century Cutlery
" Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and brings out a weapon for its work..."     Isaiah 54:16
                Swords & Muskets            
All swords shown here  for sale, have been hand forged and shaped in my Ohio Blacksmith Shop.  Each one has been based or copied from 18th century originals.  Hangers, Hunting Swords, Sabars & Cutlasses shall be offered for sale upon this page as time permits.  All Muskets offered for sale have also been copied or based from 18th century originals.
                                 Battle of Culloden April 16, 1746

#1   18th century English Infantry Hanger.  This one has been closely based on an original piece dating from 1740-1760. 

It features a 22 1/4" hand forged and shaped blade that has been made out of 1084 steel as well as carrying a slight upward sweep.  The guard, bolster & ball pommle have all been forged & filed out of iron. The handle has been made out of maple wood in addition to having been treated with a period correct stain & oil varnish.  The area to grip the sword handle measures 4  3/4"  The whole sword has been gently aged and measures 28  1/2" overall. 

PLEASE NOTE!!!  This sword has NOT been sharpened so as to be safe to be drawn at living history events.  However, if you wish to have the blade sharpened, we can do so at no charge.

The matched scabbard and belt worn frog for this sword has been crafted out of oak tanned cow hide as well as having been totally hand cut and sewn with pure linen thread.  The scabbard has been treated with a period correct dye and carries decorative tooling.  Loops on the frog will fit up to a 2  1/4" wide belt.   $1,350.00  **SALE PENDING**
1728 Brown Bess English musket 
# 2 Also known as the 1st model or Kings Pattern Musket. We are proud to offer this finely made Bess which would be a wonderful choice for those wanting a musket for the F&I War up through the Revolutionary time period.   

To craft this fine musket,  we have purchase the unfinished parts from Loyalist Arms then set about totally re-working the gun from top to bottom to produce an authentic and wondefully functioning weapon. Rather than go into detail about thier products,  I would invite you to view thier site at loyalistarms.freeservers.com

Basic specs are: Overall length 61 5/8"  Barrel .76 cal 46" long.  Weight, approx 10 lbs. length of pull 13 1/2"  Lock is marked Dublin Castle 1740, Stock is of rosewood stained to be a excellent match to walnut. Barrel has proper ordanace proof marks. Wooden ramrod with tapered brass tip. Brass hardware.

               Upgrades that have been preformed to this musket are as follows:

All metal & wood parts including barrel, lock, mounts and stock have been reduced to better match original Brown Bess's.

Weight of the overall gun has been brought down from around 11 to approx 10 lbs.

Lock has been totally re-worked and shaped as well as all lock springs reduced in strength by 50% making the lock much easier to use as well as better functioning.

Stainless steel touch hole liner has been installed for fast and inprooved ignition. This Practice was done during the 18th century on high end guns.  

Priming pan has been widened by a 3rd to match an original Bess i examined thus, improving ignition.

Stock has been finished with a hand rubbed stain which is a mix of cromium tryoxide, iron sulfate and loogwood to make a correct and beautiful antique mahogany color.  5 hand rubbed coats of a linseed oil based varnish were used to topcoat.

Trigger has been stregthened by 50% as well as trigger pull being lightened by 50%

The whole musket has been gently aged.

Barrel has been Proof fired with a charge of 150 gr. of 3f powder and .73 cal round ball.  Before and after which,  the barrel was inspected inside and out to insure safety meaning THIS MUSKET IS 100% SAFE TO FIRE LIVE OR BLANK ROUNDS.  I personally have fired this finished musket 12 times in a row before posting for sale.  Its a blast to shoot!!!

  $1,350.00  **SOLD**    USA Sales only on these!         

Please read our Terms & Conditions along with shipping info before buying.  See above Odering & Shipping tab to view.

1st 5 shots fired at a 5" black circle 35 yards away with this musket. 73 gr. of 3f blackpowder, .73 cal round ball, card wad top & bottom of ball.  Primed with 3f in the pan.
This is the very 1st sword to be offered by Hoffman Reproductions!

​#1 It has been very closely based on an early 18th century original Hunting Sword.   It features a 20 1/4" upward swept hand forged & shaped blade carrying a narrow fuller on both sides of the blade.  The 5 1/2" handle has been made of deer antler.  The iron guard has been hand forged and shaped as wll as carrying exstensive hand file work.  The pommle & bolster have also been made of hand shaped iron.  This sword has been triple tempered but HAS NOT been sharpened so as to be safe for use during living history events.  (Customer please note,  If you would like to have your sword made by us sharpened, we are happy to do that at no extra cost)   This set also includes a period correct Scabbard, Frog & Shoulder Carriage.  All leather has been made out of 7/8oz oak tanned cow hide and carries decorative tooling.  All iron hardware for leather has been hand forged & shaped.  Period correct thread & dye were used on all leather.  A fine choice for the 1720-1785 time period.   $1,500.00  **SOLD**