Hoffman Reproductions
Specializing in Historically Correct 18th and 19th Century Cutlery
" Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and brings out a weapon for its work..."     Isaiah 54:16
Hoffman Reproductions
Specializing in Historically Correct 18th and 19th Century Cutlery
" Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and brings out a weapon for its work..."     Isaiah 54:16
 New 1600's Scottish Dirk & Sheath.  See # 1 on Dirks Page.  Posted May 4, 2019  
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  "Stand your ground.  Do not fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a War, let it begin here."  
 Captain John Parker, morning of April 19th, 1775 on the Lexington Green. 
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​# 2 Based on an original dating from the mid 1750's. Made of 3/4 oz cow hide .  Glass bottle holds approx half a qrt.  Period correct dyes and thread were used on this one as well and sports a forged iron buckle.  $225.00
# 2   18th century style shooting bag & powder horn set.  The bag measures 7  1/2"  tall x 7" wide on the outside and has been made of 3/4 oz. oak tanned cow hide in addition to having been totally hand cut and sewn with pure linen thread. The inside of the bag has a small pocket measuring  3" x 3  1/2" for tools or flints.  The flap has been lined with linen and the edge worked into a fringe.  The copper flat button has been hand made.  The strap has been made of 6/7 oz. leather & carries one of my forged iron buckles. The bag also carries a bit of decorative tooling.

  The horn is an original I picked up awhile back dating from the 1700's-1800's.  Its in great working condition with natural patina.  The horn measures 9" along the outside curve and has a domed pine base plug measuring 2  1/8"  10 square cut iron nails have been used to attach the base plug to the horn.  An old iron wood screw serves to attach the strap to the horn base.  The horn strap has been made by me and carries another of our forged iron buckles.  Comes with a hand made cooper powder charger that will throw a 50 gr. charge.  The bag was one that I made and used for several years but is still in GREAT working condition!  $285.00  **SALE PENDING**
  ​# 3  The Snap Sack was an easy to carry and use shoulder worn pack, commonly carried by both soldiers and civilians alike during the 1700's, to haul extra gear and equipment.  Our version has been based on period paintings and descriptions.  Measuring 23”long by 11 ½”wide our Snap Sack consists of an outer layer of fustian a fabric that is made up of a mix of cotton and linen (available during the 18th century) and a lining made of 100% linen.  It has a 1 ¼” fully adjustable vegetable tanned leather strap that carries a hand forged iron buckle. The top of our sack can be tied shut with the sewn in place hand braided hemp tie {pictured above}.  The entire sack and strap has been cut out and completely sewn by hand using heavy duty linen thread.  The outer material has been dyed with copperas and walnut hauls to produce a period correct grey/ brown color.  A great light weight pack to carry all your extra gear.  Our Snap Sack will serve you well for years to come!      Please note: size and color may vary from one to the next.    $110.00  **SOLD**
 18th century styled tumpline.  Tumplines have been in use for 1,000 's of years all over the world.  They remained popular with Native Americans, Soldiers and Settlers through out America during the 1700's to carry a blanket or other heavy load.
 Our version shown here has been made of 7/8 oz. oak tanned cow hide and measures 2" wide x 28 1/4" long.  It has been treated with our historically correct black leather dye as well as carrying a tooled line border.  The end ties measure approx- 46 1/2" long and have been made out of very heavy  hemp that has been treated with bee's wax.  The ends of the  leather have been hand sewn with heavy duty linen thread as well as having been reinforced with a 3 /16" brass rod to reduce wear from a heavy load.  Can be worn acrossed the chest or over the shoulder as shown above.  
The length of carry can be adjusted in seconds by simply lengthening or shortening the tie knot.  Tumplines such as this,  are  one of the best ways to carry your blanket even to this day in the woods or field.  

    To use our Tumpline, simply fold your blanket into 3rds,  then roll up your blanket with the hemp ties running down the middle,  (the hemp ties should  stick out the other ends at this point).   Next, simlpy tie the hemp ends to the other end of the leather tumpline using the same knot you use on your shoe laces.  The knot can be lengthened or shortened to for a custom fit.                                                                                                                                                                                                 $55.00  **SOLD**

If you need further help with how the Tumpline works, please just let me know and we can email you a few photo's .  
           Tie knot shown above
#5 18th century styled Pick & Whisk set.  Totally hand made here in my Ohio Blacksmith Shop including the chain , and all other pieces. Hand turned  maple woood ends have been finished with a period correct stain & oil varnish  $55.00**SOLD** Thank you Ryan!
# 6 Also a totally hand made Pick & Whisk Set.  This one has been based on plainer verions used by Militia during the 18th century.  $45.00 **SOLD**  Thank you Doug!
#7 18th century styled leather cover glass bottle canteen.  The shape of this canteen is what was called a "saddle flask"  during the 1700's 
The whole cover and strap has been hand sewn out of 3/4 oz oak tanned leather & the strap 7/8oz. 
Both the cover and the strap carry
decorative tooling.
Leather has all been treated with our period correct black leather dye. The strap features one of our hand made brass buckles.  Cork stopper is attached with a hand braided hemp tie.
Canteen holds about  3/4 of a qt.   Flat sewn bottom keeps the canteen upright when on a table top.  Measures 7" x 7" with a 1" wide strap.  $200.00 
                                                 **SALE PENDING**